Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool #7

If I had a 5th grade classroom for instance, I would collaborate with another 5th grade class at MDE or perhaps SBISD/out of SBISD and create a Social Studies lesson revolving around the TEKS on government and how this country elects its leaders. I would create a survey to show votes for President prior to campaign debates and post debates around the current political election.  Students could post a video outlining the merits of their candidate and send it to the other classroom.  After viewing, they could send their videos on their candidates and in some sense set up a debate of the attributes of each candidate.  Students could Skype the campaign staffers from their candidates politcal headquarters to get real feedback/facts. They could Skype to each others classroom and do a mock debate.  Students could make a Stupeflix with a campaign ad to send each other. After both classes viewed each others debates/information, they could hold an election (via survey)  to see how their candidates fared.

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