Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool #11 Digital Reflection

  Favorite tool was Stupeflix and Edmodo, and I think Wallwisher too.  I could see putting alot of the safety videos and emergency operations info on google docs, videos (safe practice-fire extinquisher),  safe chemicals and their use in the building, fire safety best marshall requests etc.

 While I do not now have a classroom, it is quite the paradigm shift to see where education is going with the advent of all these wonderful tools.  Definitely opened my eyes to the wealth of possibility out there and while the need for good first teaching will always be of paramount importance, using the tools and devices allows students to springboard from there.  Already I have seen teachers in our building changing the way they teach and embracing the new tools and devices available to us with great gusto.  It is very inspiring.

In terms of unexpected outcomes, I was surprised at how easy the tools were to navigate, and I think with more digital literacy,  as I am a second language digital learner, I will become more fluent with time and practice.  Only by using the tools and becoming fluent in their use will they be greater ease of use.  The more I used them, the more intuitive I became in exploring other apps and their use.

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  1. Dear Second Language Digital Learner,
    The halls of MDE are your classroom!Don't you love seeing the teachers with their iPads snugly encased in very blue or very green cases taking them with them wherever they go? Congrats for completing 11 Tools!