Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool # 10 digital citizens

1. Teaching kids how to be responsible cyber citizens is critical as so much can happen in a digital world that is unsafe for kids.  Three things I think students should know is not discussing personal info on line, that e-mail should be used for school purposes on school projects, and to be careful with instant messaging, not talking to strangers.  There needs to be continuing discussion of cyber bullying and how to deal with it. Keeping user names and passwords confidential is important too. Being critical thinkers and learning how to discern true/false information gained at online sites is important as well.

2. Using the Mouse Tales on You Tube to show primary students how to be cyber safe is a good resource. There are many resources that SBISD has highlighted, such as OnGuard Online which has many games and videos to teach cyber safety with. Instructionally, I think it would be good to show students how easy it is to figure out from personal information shared online where they are.  Sometimes live demos are more effective than a lecture.

3. I would have the students get into groups of four, and make teams of two.  One team share some facts, information off line, and the other team could show how they could figure out where they live, go to school etc.  Then I would show the video from OnGuard or NetCetera that challenges kids about being online.  Seeing real examples, no matter how outlandish is a valuable tool for those who need a hands on experience.

4. There are several approaches I would take with parents. One would be to share the idea of what is expected of our students as digital citizens during open house night.  I would also have several websites, such as the OnGuard site, or Living Life online, for parents to explore as well as handouts for those who would prefer that approach.  Having a contract with parents that asks them to monitor carefully from home on how digital tools are used would safeguard homework practices.

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