Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toot # 2 Post

Tool #2 Posting
I can see the value in being able to build a PLN across the district--globe for a broader spectrum of ideas and opinions. Participation is the key, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. As far as the commenting advice, I read the 10 techniques article. Posing a question, leaving it open ended, inviting people to post a comment seems a fairly painless way to get the conversation going. I haven't yet applied any of the 10 techniques yet, but I will in this posting. It is a little nerve wracking to post your comments to the world, but I also have to remember that there are millions of blogs out there and the probability of seeing mine is slim..So far I've only posted comments to blogs of folks I know in my own PLN. So now I leave my blog to go and search out a "cutting edge" educational website to visit and share back here. Anyone have any ideas?   This is a great site to go to for Science.


  1. "It is a little nerve wracking to post your comments to the world" says you! Well, Beth, you are nor alone in your reticence to do so.Posting comments to the folks you know is a very viable beginning! Don't let the fear of posting you name on an unknown's Blog inhibit you from reading a multitude of great information out there. Remember, you can read and you do not have to comment and you can read and make an ANONYMOUS comment.

  2. I have found Learning and Laptops a great blog that showcases some really great projects at the secondary level. I just Googled 4th grade classroom blogs and came across this one -
    I hope that we inspire lots of teachers to share what is going on in their classrooms with others!

  3. Hi Beth,
    I am little nervous about being "out there, too." I love reading other blogs outside of SBISD, but I have yet to post on one. I will though. I just need the right one at the right time. For now my comfort zone is within the district.